Bennett Trim Tab Fluid: Tips And Review

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What are Bennett Trim Tabs?

Bennett Trim Tabs are an essential part of any boat, helping to improve stability and performance on the water. These tabs are adjustable surfaces located on the trailing edge of a boat’s hull, which can be raised or lowered to adjust the boat’s pitch and roll while underway.

Why is Trim Tab Fluid Important?

Trim tab fluid is the hydraulic fluid used to power the trim tabs. It is essential to keep the fluid at the appropriate level, as low fluid levels can cause the tabs to malfunction and affect the boat’s handling, stability, and performance. Bennett recommends checking the fluid level every 100 hours of operation or once a year.

How to Check and Fill Trim Tab Fluid

Before checking the fluid level, make sure the boat is on a level surface and the tabs are fully retracted. Locate the fill cap on the hydraulic pump and remove it. Check the fluid level with a dipstick or by looking at the sight glass. If the fluid level is low, add fluid until it reaches the proper level. Be sure to use the recommended fluid for your trim tab system.

Benefits of Using Bennett Trim Tab Fluid

Bennett Trim Tab Fluid is specially formulated to provide optimal performance and protect against corrosion and wear. It is designed to work with Bennett’s hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Using the recommended fluid can also help extend the life of your trim tab system.

Common Issues with Trim Tab Fluid

One common issue with trim tab fluid is contamination, which can occur from water or other foreign materials getting into the system. This can lead to damage to the hydraulic pump, cylinders, or valves. It is essential to keep the system clean and check the fluid level regularly to prevent these issues.

Tips for Maintaining Bennett Trim Tabs

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your trim tabs operating at their best. In addition to checking the fluid level, make sure the tabs are clean and free of debris. Check the hydraulic lines for leaks and ensure they are properly secured. Grease the fittings and cylinders as recommended by Bennett. Lastly, operate the tabs regularly to keep them moving freely.


Bennett Trim Tab Fluid is an essential part of your boat’s hydraulic system. Regular maintenance and the use of recommended fluid can help ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your trim tabs. By following these tips and guidelines, you can help keep your boat handling smoothly and safely on the water.