Best Chemistry Style For Haaland Fifa 22: Tips And Tricks

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Haaland is undoubtedly one of the most prolific strikers in FIFA 22. With his incredible stats, he can score goals from anywhere on the pitch. However, to make him even more lethal, you need to apply the right chemistry style. In this article, we’ll discuss the best chemistry style for Haaland in FIFA 22.

What is a Chemistry Style?

Before we dive into the best chemistry style for Haaland, let’s first understand what a chemistry style is. A chemistry style is a modifier that you can apply to a player to enhance his attributes. There are five types of chemistry styles in FIFA 22, each of which focuses on different attributes.

The Five Types of Chemistry Styles

  • Anchor: Enhances defending and physical attributes.
  • Catalyst: Enhances passing and pace attributes.
  • Engine: Enhances dribbling and pace attributes.
  • Hunter: Enhances pace and shooting attributes.
  • Shadow: Enhances defending and pace attributes.

The Best Chemistry Style for Haaland

After testing several chemistry styles on Haaland, we found that the Hunter chemistry style is the best for him. The Hunter chemistry style enhances his already impressive pace and shooting attributes, making him even more deadly in front of goal.

Why Hunter?

Haaland’s pace is already impressive, but with the Hunter chemistry style, it becomes even better. With a boost in his acceleration and sprint speed, he can outrun most defenders in the game. Additionally, the Hunter chemistry style enhances his shooting attributes, making him even more lethal in front of goal.


In conclusion, if you want to get the most out of Haaland in FIFA 22, use the Hunter chemistry style. With its focus on pace and shooting, you can turn Haaland into an unstoppable force on the pitch. So, go ahead and apply the Hunter chemistry style to Haaland, and watch him score goals for fun!