Borax Mix For Killing Ants: A Simple Solution To An Annoying Problem



Ants are one of the most common household pests in the world. They can be found in every corner of the globe, and they can be a real nuisance when they invade your home. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of ants, and one of the easiest and most effective methods is to use a borax mix.

What is Borax?

Borax is a natural mineral that is commonly used in household cleaning products. It is a white, powdery substance that is made up of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water. Borax has been used for many years as a pesticide, and it is particularly effective at killing ants.

How Does Borax Kill Ants?

Borax works by interfering with the ant’s digestive system. When an ant ingests borax, it disrupts the ant’s ability to digest food, leading to its death. Borax is also abrasive, and it can damage the ant’s exoskeleton, causing it to dehydrate and die.

How to Make a Borax Mix for Killing Ants

Making a borax mix for killing ants is a simple process. Here’s what you’ll need: – Borax – Sugar – Water – Mixing bowl – Spoon To make the borax mix, follow these steps: 1. Mix equal parts borax and sugar in a mixing bowl. 2. Add enough water to the mixture to create a thick paste. 3. Stir the mixture until the borax and sugar are completely dissolved. 4. Place small amounts of the borax mix near ant trails, around ant nests, or in areas where ants are known to congregate.

Precautions When Using Borax to Kill Ants

While borax is a safe and effective way to kill ants, there are a few precautions you should take: – Keep the borax mix away from children and pets. – Do not apply the borax mix to areas where food is prepared or consumed. – Use gloves when handling borax to avoid skin irritation. – Clean up any spills or excess borax mix to prevent accidental ingestion.


Using a borax mix for killing ants is a simple and effective way to get rid of these pesky pests. By following the steps outlined above and taking the necessary precautions, you can eliminate ant infestations in your home with ease. So the next time you see ants marching across your kitchen counter, reach for the borax instead of the bug spray!