Can Vinegar Kill Wild Onions?

How to get rid of wild onions/garlic without damaging lawn, organically


Wild onions are a common sight in many gardens and lawns. These invasive plants can be difficult to get rid of, and homeowners are always looking for ways to control them. One of the popular methods is using vinegar. But the question remains, can vinegar kill wild onions? In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of vinegar in controlling wild onions.

What is Vinegar?

Vinegar is a household item that is readily available in most homes. It is an acidic liquid made by fermenting ethanol with acetic acid bacteria. Vinegar has a wide range of uses, including cooking, cleaning, and even as a weed killer.

How Does Vinegar Kill Weeds?

Vinegar is an effective weed killer because of its high acidity level. When sprayed on weeds, the vinegar breaks down the cell membranes, causing the plant to dry out and die. However, the effectiveness of vinegar as a weed killer depends on the type of weed and the concentration of vinegar used.

Can Vinegar Kill Wild Onions?

Wild onions are a tough weed to control. They have a deep root system that makes them difficult to pull out by hand. Unfortunately, vinegar is not very effective in killing wild onions. This is because wild onions have a waxy outer layer that protects them from the acidity of the vinegar. Additionally, wild onions have a deep root system that makes it difficult for the vinegar to reach the roots.

Alternative Methods to Control Wild Onions

If vinegar is not effective in controlling wild onions, what are the alternatives? Here are some methods that homeowners can use to control wild onions:


Hand-pulling is an effective way to control wild onions. However, it is a labor-intensive method that requires patience and persistence. Homeowners should pull out the entire plant, including the bulb and roots.


Mowing can help control the spread of wild onions. However, it does not kill the plant. Homeowners should mow the lawn frequently to prevent the wild onions from flowering and producing seeds.


Herbicides are chemical compounds that are designed to kill weeds. Homeowners should use herbicides that are specifically designed to control wild onions. However, they should be used with caution as they can also harm other plants and wildlife.


In conclusion, vinegar is not very effective in controlling wild onions. Homeowners should use alternative methods such as hand-pulling, mowing, or herbicides to control wild onions. Additionally, homeowners should be patient and persistent in their efforts to control wild onions as it may take several seasons to completely eradicate them.