Can You Put Car Batteries On Concrete?

Why Does Storing a Car Battery on a Concrete Floor Drain It?

The Myth of Concrete and Car Batteries

There has been a long-standing myth that placing a car battery on a concrete surface will cause it to discharge quickly, leading to the battery’s premature failure. However, this myth is entirely false. The real reason why car batteries can discharge faster on concrete is due to the temperature.

Understanding Car Battery Temperature

Car batteries are prone to discharge faster in cold temperatures. Concrete is an excellent conductor of cold temperatures, and when a car battery is placed on a concrete surface, it can lose its charge faster because of the cold temperature.

The Real Reason for Premature Battery Failure

The most common reason for a car battery to fail prematurely is due to sulfation. This occurs when the battery is not fully charged, leading to sulfate crystals forming on the battery’s lead plates. These crystals can eventually lead to the battery’s death.

Tips for Prolonging Your Car Battery’s Life

There are several tips you can follow to ensure that your car battery lasts as long as possible. Firstly, make sure that your battery is fully charged regularly. Secondly, avoid leaving your vehicle unused for extended periods, as this can lead to sulfation. Finally, keep your battery clean and free from corrosion.

How to Clean Your Car Battery

Cleaning your car battery is a straightforward process. Start by removing the battery’s negative cable, followed by the positive cable. Use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean any corrosion and dirt from the battery. Rinse the battery with clean water and dry it with a clean cloth.

The Importance of Battery Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your car battery is essential for keeping it in good condition. Neglecting your battery can lead to premature failure, leaving you stranded and in need of a new battery.


In summary, placing your car battery on a concrete surface will not cause it to discharge faster. The real reason for premature battery failure is sulfation, which can be avoided by regularly charging your battery fully and maintaining it. By following these tips, you can prolong your car battery’s life and avoid any unexpected breakdowns.