Donde Se Consigue El Borax: Tips And Tricks

¿Qué Es El Borax y Para Qué Sirve? 【Usos, Beneficios y Propiedades】


Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for centuries as a cleaning agent, as well as a laundry booster and insecticide. It is also used in many crafts and DIY projects. However, finding borax can be a challenge, especially if you live in a region where it is not readily available. In this article, we will discuss where to find borax and how to use it in your everyday life.

Where to Find Borax

Borax can be found in many stores, including grocery stores, hardware stores, and online. In Indonesia, you can find borax in many chemical stores and online shops. It is also available in some supermarkets and pharmacies. When purchasing borax, make sure to read the label carefully and check that it is pure borax without any additives.

Using Borax in Cleaning

Borax is an excellent cleaning agent that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including floors, walls, and countertops. Mix borax with water to create a paste that can be used to scrub away grime and dirt. Borax can also be used to clean toilets, sinks, and showers. Mix borax with vinegar and water to create a powerful cleaning solution that will leave your bathroom sparkling clean.

Using Borax in Laundry

Borax is a natural laundry booster that can help remove stains and brighten whites. Add a cup of borax to your laundry load to boost the cleaning power of your detergent. Borax can also be used to deodorize and freshen up your laundry. Add a cup of borax to your washing machine during the rinse cycle to eliminate any lingering odors.

Using Borax as an Insecticide

Borax is a natural insecticide that can be used to kill ants, cockroaches, and other pests. Mix borax with sugar and water to create a bait that will attract insects. Once they consume the borax, it will kill them. Borax can also be used to repel fleas and ticks. Sprinkle borax on carpets and pet bedding to keep these pests at bay.

Using Borax in Crafts

Borax can be used in many crafts and DIY projects. It can be used to create homemade slime, ornaments, and crystal decorations. Mix borax with water and glue to create a slimy substance that can be used for sensory play. Borax can also be used to grow crystals. Mix borax with hot water and food coloring to create a solution that will form crystals over time.


In conclusion, borax is a versatile and useful mineral that can be used in many ways. Whether you need a cleaning agent, laundry booster, insecticide, or craft supply, borax has got you covered. With the tips and tricks shared in this article, you can find borax easily and use it to improve your daily life.