Exploring The Exciting World Of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Side Missions

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The Thrilling World of Side Missions

Are you a fan of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? If so, you’ve probably been thrilled by the game’s intense parkour and combat mechanics. But did you know that the game also features a series of exciting side missions that add even more depth to the experience? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these side missions and explore the many ways in which they can enhance your Mirror’s Edge Catalyst experience.

What Are Side Missions?

Before we dive into the specifics of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst side missions, it’s important to understand what they are. Essentially, side missions are additional challenges and objectives that are separate from the game’s main story. They can involve anything from racing against the clock to battling enemies in new and unique scenarios. While they aren’t necessary to complete the game, they offer a fun and rewarding way to explore the game’s world and hone your skills.

Types of Side Missions

One of the great things about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst side missions is that there are many different types to choose from. Here are just a few examples:

Delivery Missions

In these missions, you’ll need to quickly deliver a package to a specific location without being detected by enemies or obstacles. These missions require quick reflexes and careful planning to complete successfully.

Combat Trials

If you’re looking for a challenge, combat trials are a great choice. These missions pit you against waves of enemies in increasingly difficult scenarios. You’ll need to use all of your parkour and combat skills to survive and come out on top.

Dash Missions

In dash missions, you’ll need to race against the clock to reach a specific location as quickly as possible. These missions are all about speed and precision, and they’re a great way to test your parkour skills.

Why Play Side Missions?

So, why should you bother with side missions in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? There are several good reasons:

Unlock New Abilities

Many side missions offer the opportunity to unlock new and powerful abilities that can be used throughout the game. These abilities can give you an edge in combat and make it easier to traverse the game’s world.

Earn Rewards

Completing side missions can also earn you valuable rewards, such as new gear and equipment. These rewards can make it easier to progress through the game and take on tougher challenges.

Explore the World

Finally, side missions are a great way to explore the rich and detailed world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. You’ll discover new areas, meet new characters, and learn more about the game’s complex story and lore.


Overall, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst side missions are a fantastic addition to an already-great game. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, some valuable rewards, or just a way to explore the game’s world in more detail, there’s something for everyone in these exciting missions. So why not give them a try and see what kind of adventures await you in the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst?