Gabinete De Boric 2023: A New Era For Chile

Cambio de en el gobierno de Gabriel Boric


In 2023, Chile will have a new president, Gabriel Boric. With his election, there will be a lot of changes in the country, including the cabinet or “gabinete” that he will appoint. This article will discuss what we can expect from Gabinete de Boric 2023 and how it will affect Chile’s future.

Who is Gabriel Boric?

Gabriel Boric is a Chilean politician who was elected as president in 2023. He is a member of the left-wing party, Frente Amplio, and is known for his progressive policies. He was born in Punta Arenas and studied law at the University of Chile. He became involved in politics during his time as a student and has since become a prominent figure in Chilean politics.

What is a Gabinete?

A Gabinete is the cabinet of ministers that the president appoints to help him govern the country. The cabinet is made up of various ministers who are responsible for different areas of government, such as education, health, and finance. The president chooses these ministers based on their expertise and political views, as well as their ability to work together as a team.

What can we expect from Gabinete de Boric 2023?

As a progressive politician, we can expect Gabriel Boric to appoint a Gabinete that reflects his values and policies. This means that we can expect to see ministers who are committed to social justice, environmental sustainability, and human rights. Boric has also promised to prioritize education and healthcare, so we can expect to see ministers who are experts in these areas.

Who are some potential ministers in Gabinete de Boric 2023?

While we don’t know for sure who will be appointed to Gabinete de Boric 2023, there are some potential candidates that have been mentioned in the media. For example, Claudia Pascual, a former minister of women and gender equality, has been mentioned as a potential minister of social development. Meanwhile, Jaime Mañalich, a former minister of health, has been mentioned as a potential minister of health.

What are the challenges facing Gabinete de Boric 2023?

While Gabinete de Boric 2023 has a lot of potential, there are also many challenges that the cabinet will face. For example, Chile is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, so the health minister will have a lot of work to do. Additionally, Chile has a lot of social and economic inequality, so the ministers of social development and finance will have to work together to address these issues.


Gabinete de Boric 2023 represents a new era for Chile. With a progressive president and a cabinet that reflects his values, we can expect to see positive changes in the country. However, there are also many challenges that the cabinet will face, and it remains to be seen how successful they will be in addressing these issues. Overall, Gabinete de Boric 2023 is an exciting new development in Chilean politics, and we will be watching closely to see how it unfolds.