How To Decrease Calcium Hardness In Your Hot Tub

How To Check Calcium Hardness In A Hot Tub A Quick Guide


If you own a hot tub, you know that keeping the water clean and balanced is crucial. One factor that can cause problems is high levels of calcium hardness. When the calcium level in your hot tub is too high, it can lead to scaling, cloudy water, and equipment damage. In this article, we’ll discuss how to lower calcium hardness in your hot tub.

What is Calcium Hardness?

Calcium hardness is a measure of the amount of dissolved calcium in your hot tub water. While some level of calcium is necessary, too much can cause problems. The ideal range for calcium hardness is between 150 and 250 parts per million (ppm).

Testing Calcium Hardness

Before you can lower the calcium hardness in your hot tub, you need to know what the current level is. You can purchase a test kit from your local pool and spa supply store or use a digital tester. Once you know the current level, you can take steps to lower it.

Draining and Refilling

The most effective way to lower calcium hardness is to drain and refill your hot tub with fresh water. This dilutes the calcium level and brings it down to a more manageable range. Depending on the current level, you may need to drain and refill your hot tub several times to get the calcium level where it needs to be.

Using a Calcium Reducer

If you don’t want to drain and refill your hot tub, you can use a calcium reducer. These products work by binding to the excess calcium and removing it from the water. Follow the instructions carefully and test the water frequently to ensure you’re getting the desired results.

Using a Water Softener

Another option is to use a water softener to treat the water before adding it to your hot tub. This can prevent calcium buildup from occurring in the first place. However, it’s important to note that a water softener can also add sodium to your water, which can lead to other problems.

Regular Maintenance

To prevent calcium hardness from becoming a problem, it’s important to maintain your hot tub on a regular basis. Test the water frequently and adjust the levels as needed. Clean the filter regularly to prevent buildup and keep the water circulating properly.


High levels of calcium hardness can cause problems in your hot tub, but there are ways to lower it. Whether you choose to drain and refill, use a calcium reducer, or use a water softener, it’s important to maintain your hot tub regularly to prevent future problems. By following these tips, you can keep your hot tub water clean and balanced for a relaxing soak.