How To Get Seaweed In Minecraft: Tips And Tricks

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Minecraft is a game that has been around for years, but it still remains popular among gamers of all ages. In this game, players can explore a vast open world, build structures, and gather resources. One of the resources that players can collect is seaweed, which can be used for a variety of crafting recipes. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks on how to get seaweed in Minecraft.

What is Seaweed?

Seaweed is a type of plant that grows underwater in Minecraft. It can be found in oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water. Seaweed can be harvested with shears, and it can be used in a variety of crafting recipes. For example, seaweed can be used to make dried kelp, which can be used as fuel in a furnace.

Tip #1: Look for Seaweed in Oceans

The easiest way to find seaweed in Minecraft is to look for it in oceans. Oceans are large bodies of water that are usually found near the edges of Minecraft worlds. Seaweed can be found growing on the ocean floor, and it can be harvested with shears.

Tip #2: Use a Fishing Rod

Another way to get seaweed in Minecraft is to use a fishing rod. When fishing in a body of water, there is a chance that players will catch seaweed instead of fish. This is a great way to get seaweed if players are having trouble finding it in oceans.

Tip #3: Trade with Villagers

Players can also trade with villagers to get seaweed in Minecraft. Some villagers will trade seaweed for emeralds, which can be obtained by trading with other villagers or by mining emerald ore.

Tip #4: Use Bonemeal

Bonemeal is a crafting item that can be used to grow plants quickly in Minecraft. Players can use bonemeal on underwater grass blocks to grow seaweed. This is a great way to get a lot of seaweed quickly, but players will need a lot of bonemeal.

Tip #5: Use Commands

For players who are playing Minecraft in creative mode, they can use commands to get seaweed. The /give command can be used to give players seaweed, and the /fill command can be used to fill a body of water with seaweed.


Seaweed is a useful resource in Minecraft that can be used for a variety of crafting recipes. Players can get seaweed by looking for it in oceans, using a fishing rod, trading with villagers, using bonemeal, or using commands. With these tips and tricks, players should have no trouble getting seaweed in Minecraft.