How To Get Seaweed In Tap Tap Fish

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Tap Tap Fish is a popular mobile game where players build and manage their own virtual aquarium. One of the challenges in the game is to collect different types of fish and decorations, including seaweed. Seaweed is an essential item in the game as it helps to increase the vitality of your fish. In this article, we will show you how to get seaweed in Tap Tap Fish.

Method 1: Completing Quests

One of the easiest ways to get seaweed in Tap Tap Fish is by completing quests. Quests are missions given to players by characters in the game. Some quests require players to collect seaweed as a reward for completing the mission. To access quests, players need to tap on the quest icon located on the bottom right of the screen.

Method 2: Collecting from Coral

Another way to get seaweed is by collecting it from coral. Coral is a decorative item in the game that can be placed in the aquarium. Certain types of coral produce seaweed as a byproduct. Players can tap on the coral to collect the seaweed. It is important to note that not all types of coral produce seaweed. Players need to look for coral with a seaweed icon on it.

Method 3: Purchasing with Vitality

Players can also purchase seaweed with vitality, which is the in-game currency. To do this, players need to tap on the shop icon located on the bottom left of the screen. From there, they can select the seaweed item and purchase it using their vitality. The amount of vitality required to purchase seaweed varies depending on the amount of seaweed players want to buy.

Method 4: Watching Ads

Lastly, players can get seaweed by watching ads in the game. Tap Tap Fish occasionally offers players the option to watch ads in exchange for rewards. Sometimes, the reward is seaweed. Players need to keep an eye out for these opportunities as they do not appear frequently.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get seaweed in Tap Tap Fish. Players can complete quests, collect from coral, purchase with vitality, or watch ads. By using these methods, players can increase the vitality of their fish and improve their overall gaming experience. Try them out and see which one works best for you!