List Of All Alkaline Trio Songs

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Alkaline Trio is an American rock band formed in 1996. The band consists of Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar), Dan Andriano (vocals, bass), and Derek Grant (drums). Over the years, Alkaline Trio has released numerous albums and singles, with a wide range of musical styles. In this article, we will be going through a comprehensive list of all Alkaline Trio songs.

Early Days

Alkaline Trio started as a solo project by Matt Skiba in 1996. He recorded a demo tape called “Sundials” and later formed a band with drummer Glenn Porter and bassist Rob Doran. Their first release was a split 7″ with fellow Chicago band, 7 Seconds. They went on to release their debut full-length album, “Goddamnit” in 1998. Some of their early songs include “Cringe,” “Cop,” and “San Francisco.”

Commercial Success

Alkaline Trio’s commercial success came with their album “Good Mourning” in 2003. The album peaked at number 20 on the Billboard 200 chart, and the lead single “We’ve Had Enough” received significant airplay. The album also includes fan favorites such as “This Could Be Love,” “Emma,” and “Fatally Yours.”

Later Releases

In 2005, Alkaline Trio released “Crimson,” which was their highest-charting album to date. The album featured the hit single “Time to Waste” and also includes tracks such as “Mercy Me,” “Dethbed,” and “Prevent This Tragedy.” In 2008, the band released “Agony & Irony,” which marked a significant departure from their punk rock roots. The album features a more polished sound and includes songs such as “Help Me,” “Love Love, Kiss Kiss,” and “In Vein.”

Recent Years

In 2010, Alkaline Trio released “This Addiction,” which marked a return to their punk rock sound. The album features songs such as “Dine, Dine My Darling,” “Eating Me Alive,” and the title track “This Addiction.” Their most recent album, “Is This Thing Cursed?” was released in 2018. The album features a return to their punk rock roots and includes songs such as “Blackbird,” “Demon and Division,” and “Pale Blue Ribbon.”


Alkaline Trio has been a staple in the punk rock scene for over two decades. With a vast catalog of songs, they have something for everyone. This list includes just a small sample of their extensive discography, but it should give you a good starting point if you’re looking to explore their music.