Material Safety Data Sheet Borax: Everything You Need To Know

Material Safety Data Sheet


If you’re working with borax, it’s essential to understand the safety measures you need to take to minimize any risks. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides all the information you need to know about the chemical properties of borax, safety precautions, and emergency procedures.

What is Borax?

Borax, also known as sodium borate, is a naturally occurring mineral that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. It’s commonly used as a cleaning agent, insecticide, and flame retardant. Borax is also used in the production of glass, ceramics, and fertilizers.

Why is the Material Safety Data Sheet Important?

The MSDS is an essential tool for anyone working with borax. It provides detailed information on the chemical properties of borax, including its physical and chemical characteristics, its potential health hazards, and the safety precautions you need to take when handling it.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Borax is a white, odorless powder that dissolves easily in water. It has a pH of around 9.5 and a melting point of 743°C. Borax is not flammable, but it can be reactive with certain chemicals.

Health Hazards

Borax can be harmful if ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. It can cause irritation, burns, and respiratory problems. Long-term exposure to borax can also cause more serious health problems, such as kidney damage and reproductive issues.

Safety Precautions

When working with borax, it’s essential to take the necessary safety precautions to minimize any risks. This includes wearing protective clothing, such as gloves and goggles, and working in a well-ventilated area. If you’re using borax for cleaning, make sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency, it’s important to know the proper procedures for handling borax. If ingested, seek medical attention immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If borax comes into contact with your eyes, flush them with water for at least 15 minutes.


In conclusion, the Material Safety Data Sheet for borax is an essential resource for anyone working with this chemical. It provides detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of borax, potential health hazards, and safety precautions you need to take. By following the guidelines outlined in the MSDS, you can minimize any risks associated with working with borax.