Potassium Sulfate Cas Number: Benefits And Uses

CAS No 7778805 Chemical Name Potassium Sulfate Pharmaffiliates


Potassium sulfate, also known as sulfate of potash, is a chemical compound that has the chemical formula K2SO4. This compound is commonly used as a fertilizer, and it is an excellent source of potassium and sulfur for plant growth. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and uses of potassium sulfate cas number in detail.

Benefits of Potassium Sulfate

Potassium sulfate is an essential nutrient for plant growth, and it is necessary for the proper functioning of many enzymes in plants. It is also an excellent source of sulfur, which is essential for the formation of proteins and other vital compounds in plants. Here are some of the benefits of potassium sulfate:

Improved Plant Growth

Potassium sulfate is a highly soluble salt that can quickly move through the soil and reach the roots of plants. This compound provides the necessary nutrients for plant growth, which results in improved plant growth and yield.

Increased Disease Resistance

Potassium sulfate can help plants develop stronger cell walls, which can make them more resistant to diseases and pests. This compound can also help plants recover from stress caused by drought or extreme temperatures.

Better Fruit Quality

Potassium sulfate can help improve the quality of fruits and vegetables by increasing their size, color, and sugar content. This compound can also help improve the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Uses of Potassium Sulfate

Potassium sulfate is commonly used as a fertilizer for crops, but it also has other uses. Here are some of the uses of potassium sulfate:


Potassium sulfate is a popular fertilizer for crops that require potassium and sulfur, such as fruits, vegetables, and tobacco. This compound can be applied directly to the soil or used as a foliar spray.

Industrial Applications

Potassium sulfate is used in the manufacturing of various industrial products, such as glass, ceramics, and fertilizers. It is also used in the production of potassium alum, which is used in water purification and in the paper industry.

Food Additive

Potassium sulfate is an approved food additive that is used to regulate the acidity of certain foods. This compound is also used in the production of wine and beer to help stabilize the color and flavor of these beverages.


Potassium sulfate cas number is a valuable compound that has many benefits and uses. This compound is essential for plant growth and can help improve the quality and yield of crops. It is also used in various industrial applications and as a food additive. If you are a farmer or a gardener, consider using potassium sulfate as a fertilizer to improve the growth and health of your plants.