What Does The Arbalest Catalyst Do?

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In this year 2023, many gamers are still curious about the Arbalest Catalyst in Destiny 2. It is a weapon that has been around for quite some time, but not many people understand what it does. In this article, we will be discussing the Arbalest Catalyst and its benefits.

What is the Arbalest Catalyst?

The Arbalest Catalyst is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It was introduced in the game’s Season of the Drifter. This weapon is a fusion rifle that has a unique perk called Disruption Break. This perk allows the weapon to break enemy shields and increase the damage dealt to them.

How to Obtain the Arbalest Catalyst?

To obtain the Arbalest Catalyst, you need to complete the Gambit Prime weekly bounty. This bounty can be obtained from the Drifter in the Tower. Once you complete the bounty, you will receive the Arbalest Catalyst as a reward.

Benefits of using the Arbalest Catalyst

The Arbalest Catalyst has many benefits that make it a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. Firstly, the weapon has a high damage output, making it effective against enemies with shields. Secondly, it has a long-range capability, allowing you to take out enemies from a safe distance. Lastly, the weapon has a quick reload time, making it easy to use in combat.

How to Use the Arbalest Catalyst?

To use the Arbalest Catalyst effectively, you need to aim for the enemy’s shield. Once the shield is broken, switch to a different weapon to deal maximum damage to the enemy. The Disruption Break perk only lasts for a short time, so you need to act quickly to take advantage of it.

Arbalest Catalyst in PVE

In PVE, the Arbalest Catalyst is an excellent weapon to use against enemies with shields. It can quickly break the shield, allowing you to deal maximum damage to the enemy. It is also effective against bosses, as it can deal significant damage to their shields.

Arbalest Catalyst in PVP

In PVP, the Arbalest Catalyst can be a useful weapon to have, but it requires skill to use effectively. It is important to aim for the enemy’s shield, as this is where the weapon is most effective. However, in PVP, enemies are often moving quickly, so it can be challenging to land a shot.

Arbalest Catalyst vs. Other Fusion Rifles

Compared to other fusion rifles in Destiny 2, the Arbalest Catalyst has a unique perk that makes it stand out. The Disruption Break perk is what makes this weapon valuable, as it allows you to deal more damage to enemies with shields. However, other fusion rifles may have better perks for specific situations, such as faster charge time or increased damage output.


In conclusion, the Arbalest Catalyst is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. Its unique perk, Disruption Break, makes it effective against enemies with shields, and its high damage output and long-range capability make it a versatile weapon. If you haven’t obtained the Arbalest Catalyst yet, be sure to complete the Gambit Prime weekly bounty to get your hands on this powerful weapon.