What Happens At A Brazilian Wax: A Complete Guide

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If you’re considering getting a Brazilian wax, you may have some questions about what to expect. This popular hair removal method can be intimidating, but with the right information, you can feel confident and prepared. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about what happens at a Brazilian wax.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is a type of hair removal that removes all or most of the hair from the pubic area, including the labia and buttocks. It’s a popular choice for those who prefer a smooth and hairless look, especially during bikini season. While it can be uncomfortable, many people find that the results are worth it.


Before your appointment, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly prepared. This means that you should avoid shaving or trimming the area for at least two weeks beforehand. This will give the hair enough time to grow long enough for the wax to grip onto. Additionally, you should avoid using any lotions or oils on the area before your appointment, as these can interfere with the waxing process.

During the Wax

When you arrive for your appointment, your waxing technician will likely have you remove your underwear and lie down on a table. They will then apply a warm wax to the area in small sections, pressing a cloth strip onto the wax and quickly pulling it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This process will be repeated until all of the hair has been removed.


Let’s be honest: getting a Brazilian wax can be uncomfortable. However, the amount of pain you experience will depend on your individual pain tolerance and the skill of your waxing technician. Some people find that taking an over-the-counter pain reliever before their appointment can help to minimize discomfort.


After your wax, your technician will likely apply a soothing lotion or oil to the area to help minimize redness and irritation. You’ll also want to avoid wearing tight clothing or engaging in activities that may cause friction in the area for at least 24 hours after your appointment. Additionally, you should avoid hot showers or baths for at least a day to avoid further irritation.


To maintain your smooth look, you’ll need to schedule regular waxing appointments. Most people opt for appointments every four to six weeks, depending on how quickly their hair grows. It’s also important to avoid shaving or trimming between appointments, as this can interfere with the effectiveness of the wax.

Tips for a Successful Wax

To ensure a successful wax, it’s important to communicate with your waxing technician. Let them know if you’re experiencing any discomfort or if you have any specific concerns. Additionally, you may want to consider booking your appointment for a time when you’re not on your period, as this can make the area more sensitive.


Getting a Brazilian wax can be a great way to achieve a smooth and hairless look. While it can be uncomfortable, the results are often worth it. By properly preparing and communicating with your waxing technician, you can have a successful and stress-free experience.