Write A Balanced Chemical Reaction For The Combustion Of Hydrogen

Solved Write balanced reactions for the complete combustion

The Importance of Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are essential for understanding the way the world works. They are what make up the building blocks of our universe, and they are what determine the way that different elements and compounds interact with each other. A chemical reaction is simply the process by which one or more substances are transformed into another substance.

What is Combustion?

Combustion is a type of chemical reaction that involves the burning of a substance in the presence of oxygen. When a substance combusts, it reacts with oxygen to produce heat, light, and new substances. Combustion is a common process that occurs in everyday life, such as when you light a match or turn on a gas stove.

The Combustion of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas that combusts easily in the presence of oxygen. When hydrogen burns, it reacts with oxygen to produce water vapor and heat. The balanced chemical equation for the combustion of hydrogen is: 2H₂ + O₂ → 2H₂O This equation shows that two molecules of hydrogen react with one molecule of oxygen to produce two molecules of water.

How to Balance a Chemical Equation

Balancing a chemical equation is the process of ensuring that the number of atoms of each element on the reactant side of the equation is equal to the number of atoms of each element on the product side of the equation. This is important because it ensures that the equation follows the law of conservation of mass, which states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. To balance a chemical equation, you must adjust the coefficients in front of each molecule until the number of atoms of each element is equal on both sides of the equation. In the case of the combustion of hydrogen, the equation is already balanced.

Applications of the Combustion of Hydrogen

The combustion of hydrogen has a variety of applications in everyday life. For example, hydrogen fuel cells use the combustion of hydrogen to produce electricity. Hydrogen can also be used as a fuel for vehicles, as it produces only water vapor when it burns.

Safety Precautions

While the combustion of hydrogen has many useful applications, it is also highly flammable and can be dangerous if not handled properly. When working with hydrogen, it is important to follow proper safety precautions, such as ensuring adequate ventilation and using appropriate protective equipment.


In conclusion, the combustion of hydrogen is a simple yet important chemical reaction that has a variety of applications in everyday life. By understanding the balanced chemical equation for this reaction and the safety precautions necessary when working with hydrogen, we can better appreciate the role that chemical reactions play in our world.