Zip Code Utah Salt Lake City: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

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Utah’s Salt Lake City is a bustling metropolis that’s home to over 200,000 residents. Like any other city, it is divided into different neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics. To help you navigate Salt Lake City, we’ve created this guide to the different zip codes and what you can expect from each one.

What Are Zip Codes?

Zip codes are a series of numbers used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to identify a specific geographic location. They are made up of five digits and are used to help sort and deliver mail more efficiently.

Understanding Zip Codes in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has several zip codes, each covering a different area. The most common zip codes in the city are 84101, 84102, 84103, 84104, 84105, 84106, 84107, 84108, 84109, 84110, 84111, 84112, 84113, 84114, 84115, 84116, 84117, 84118, 84119, 84120, 84121, 84122, 84123, 84124, 84125, 84126, 84127, 84128, 84129, 84130, 84131, 84132, 84133, 84134, 84136, 84138, 84139, 84141, 84143, 84145, 84147, 84148, 84150, 84151, 84152, 84157, 84158, 84165, 84170, 84171, 84180, 84184, 84189, and 84190.

The Different Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

Each zip code in Salt Lake City covers a different neighborhood, and each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Salt Lake City and their corresponding zip codes:

Downtown Salt Lake City (84101)

Downtown Salt Lake City is the heart of the city and is home to many of its major attractions, including Temple Square, the Utah State Capitol, and the Salt Palace Convention Center. The area is also known for its nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and restaurants.

The Avenues (84103)

The Avenues is a historic neighborhood located on the east bench of Salt Lake City. It is known for its tree-lined streets and beautiful Victorian homes. The area is also home to several parks, including City Creek Canyon and Rotary Glen Park.

Sugar House (84105)

Sugar House is a trendy neighborhood located just south of Downtown Salt Lake City. It is known for its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as its beautiful parks and tree-lined streets.

The University of Utah (84112)

The University of Utah is located in the foothills of Salt Lake City and is home to over 30,000 students. The area is known for its beautiful campus and is surrounded by several parks, including Red Butte Garden and Research Park.


Whether you’re moving to Salt Lake City or just visiting, understanding the different zip codes and neighborhoods can help you navigate the city more easily. From the trendy Sugar House neighborhood to the historic Avenues, there’s something for everyone in Salt Lake City. So, go ahead and explore this beautiful city and all that it has to offer!