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2023 Nissan Sentra Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location

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If you own a 2023 Nissan Sentra, it is important to know where the transmission fluid dipstick is located. Checking the transmission fluid level regularly can help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your vehicle.

Locating the Dipstick

The transmission fluid dipstick on a 2023 Nissan Sentra is located under the hood, on the driver’s side of the engine. It is typically labeled with a yellow handle, making it easy to identify.

Step-by-Step Guide

To check the transmission fluid level, follow these steps: 1. Park the car on a level surface and turn off the engine. 2. Open the hood and locate the transmission fluid dipstick. 3. Pull the dipstick out of the transmission and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. 4. Reinsert the dipstick into the transmission all the way, then pull it out again. 5. Check the fluid level on the dipstick. The level should be between the “Low” and “High” marks. 6. If the fluid level is low, add the recommended type of transmission fluid until it reaches the “Full” mark on the dipstick.


Checking the transmission fluid level on your 2023 Nissan Sentra is an important part of routine maintenance. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is properly lubricated and functioning at its best. Remember to check the fluid level regularly and add fluid as needed to avoid costly repairs down the road.

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