Polymer Week Society Podcast: Your Ultimate Source Of Polymer Clay Knowledge

Polymer Week Magazine 3/2020 / časopis / ANGLICKÁ VERZE


Polymer clay has been gaining popularity in recent years as a versatile and fun medium for crafting. For those who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in polymer clay, the Polymer Week Society Podcast is the perfect platform to turn to.

What is Polymer Week Society Podcast?

Polymer Week Society Podcast is a podcast series dedicated to teaching and sharing knowledge about polymer clay. The podcast is hosted by a group of experienced polymer clay artists who share their passion and expertise with their listeners.

What Can You Expect from Polymer Week Society Podcast?

Polymer Week Society Podcast offers a rich variety of content that caters to polymer clay enthusiasts of all levels. Here are some of the things you can expect from the podcast:

News and Updates

The Polymer Week Society Podcast regularly updates its listeners about the latest news and events in the polymer clay world. This includes updates on new products, upcoming workshops, and other exciting developments in the industry.

Interviews with Polymer Clay Artists

The podcast features interviews with some of the most talented and innovative polymer clay artists in the world. Listeners can learn from their experiences and insights, and get inspired by their creations.

Tutorials and Tips

For those who are just starting out with polymer clay, the Polymer Week Society Podcast offers a wealth of tutorials and tips to help them get started. From basic techniques to advanced projects, the podcast covers a wide range of topics to help listeners improve their skills.

Reviews of Polymer Clay Products

The podcast also provides reviews of various polymer clay products, including clay brands, tools, and accessories. Listeners can learn about the pros and cons of different products and make informed decisions on what to use for their projects.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced polymer clay artist, the Polymer Week Society Podcast is a great resource for learning, inspiration, and community. With its diverse content and knowledgeable hosts, the podcast is sure to help you take your polymer clay skills to the next level. So tune in and start exploring the wonderful world of polymer clay!