Chemical Room Resident Evil 2023: Tips And Tricks

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Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game series in the world, and the latest installment, Resident Evil 2023, is no exception. One of the most challenging and exciting rooms in the game is the Chemical Room. This room is full of puzzles and dangerous creatures that can make even the most experienced gamers sweat. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to help you navigate the Chemical Room successfully.

Tip #1: Know Your Enemy

Before you enter the Chemical Room, it’s essential to know what kind of creatures you will be facing. The room is home to several different types of monsters, including zombies, hunters, and lickers. Each of these creatures has different strengths and weaknesses, so understanding them will help you plan your attack.

Tip #2: Solve the Puzzles

The Chemical Room is full of puzzles that you need to solve to progress through the game. Some of these puzzles can be quite challenging, so be prepared to spend some time figuring them out. One helpful tip is to take notes and draw diagrams to help you keep track of what you’ve tried and what you still need to do.

Tip #3: Use Your Weapons Wisely

The Chemical Room is a dangerous place, and you will need to use your weapons wisely to survive. Make sure you have enough ammunition and try to conserve it as much as possible. Also, consider using your grenades and other explosives to take out groups of enemies at once.

Tip #4: Manage Your Inventory

Inventory management is crucial in Resident Evil 2023, and the Chemical Room is no exception. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory to pick up all the items you need, but don’t carry too much, or you will slow down. Consider leaving some items in storage boxes and coming back for them later if you need them.

Tip #5: Explore Thoroughly

The Chemical Room is full of hidden items and areas that you may miss if you don’t explore thoroughly. Take your time and search every corner, and you may find some valuable items that will help you later in the game.

Tip #6: Use Your Map

The Chemical Room can be quite confusing, with multiple levels and areas to explore. To help you navigate, use your map to keep track of where you’ve been and where you still need to go. Also, pay attention to any notes or messages you find, as they may contain clues to help you solve puzzles or find hidden items.

Tip #7: Save Often

Finally, make sure you save your game often, especially before entering the Chemical Room. This way, if you die or make a mistake, you can always reload and try again.


The Chemical Room in Resident Evil 2023 is one of the most challenging areas in the game, but with these tips and tricks, you should be able to navigate it successfully. Remember to know your enemy, solve the puzzles, use your weapons wisely, manage your inventory, explore thoroughly, use your map, and save often. With these strategies, you’ll be able to survive the Chemical Room and continue on your journey through the game.