Does Baking Soda Get Blood Out Of Clothes?

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When it comes to removing tough stains from clothes, baking soda is often hailed as a miracle solution. But does it really work when it comes to blood stains? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind using baking soda to remove blood stains from clothes.

The Science Behind Blood Stains

Before we look at how baking soda can help remove blood stains, it’s important to understand why blood stains are so difficult to remove. Blood contains proteins that can bind to fabric fibers, making it difficult to remove using traditional laundry detergents.

How Baking Soda Works

Baking soda is a natural abrasive that can help break down the proteins in blood stains. When baking soda is mixed with water, it forms a paste that can be applied directly to the stain. The paste helps to loosen the stain, making it easier to remove.

How to Use Baking Soda to Remove Blood Stains

To use baking soda to remove blood stains, follow these simple steps: 1. Mix baking soda and water to create a paste. 2. Apply the paste directly to the stain. 3. Let the paste sit for 15-20 minutes. 4. Rinse the garment with cold water. 5. Wash the garment as usual.

Other Tips for Removing Blood Stains

While baking soda can be an effective solution for removing blood stains, there are also other tips you can try: – Use cold water: Hot water can actually set the stain, making it more difficult to remove. – Avoid using bleach: Bleach can react with the proteins in blood and make the stain worse. – Try enzyme cleaners: Enzyme cleaners are specifically designed to break down protein-based stains like blood.


So, does baking soda get blood out of clothes? The answer is yes! By creating a baking soda paste and applying it directly to the stain, you can help break down the proteins in the blood and make it easier to remove. However, it’s important to remember that baking soda is not a magic solution and there are other tips and tricks you can try to remove tough blood stains from your clothes.