Madden 18 Chemistry 101: A Comprehensive Guide



Madden 18 is a popular American football video game that is known for its unique chemistry system. This system is designed to help players build a team with the right balance of skills and abilities. In this article, we will take a closer look at Madden 18 chemistry and provide some tips on how to use it to your advantage.

What is Chemistry?

In Madden 18, chemistry refers to the relationship between your players on the field. Each player has a unique chemistry rating that determines how well they work together. The higher the chemistry rating, the better the players will perform.

Types of Chemistry

There are three types of chemistry in Madden 18: team chemistry, scheme chemistry, and physical chemistry. Team chemistry refers to the chemistry between players from the same team. Scheme chemistry refers to the chemistry between players who are part of the same offensive or defensive scheme. Physical chemistry refers to the chemistry between players who have similar physical attributes.

How to Build Chemistry

To build chemistry in Madden 18, you need to have the right players on your team. The first step is to choose players who have the same chemistry type. For example, if you want to build team chemistry, you should choose players from the same team. Once you have the right players, you need to activate their chemistry by adding chemistry boosts. Chemistry boosts can be added by using chemistry cards. Each chemistry card provides a different type of boost, such as increased speed or better tackling.

Maximizing Chemistry

To maximize your chemistry in Madden 18, you need to pay attention to the chemistry ratings of your players. You should also make sure that you have the right chemistry boosts active. Another way to maximize your chemistry is to use chemistry styles. Chemistry styles are special cards that provide a boost to specific attributes. For example, a chemistry style card for a quarterback might provide a boost to passing accuracy.


Madden 18 chemistry is an important aspect of the game that can help you build a winning team. By understanding the different types of chemistry, how to build it, and how to maximize it, you can create a team that is unstoppable on the field. Good luck and have fun playing Madden 18!