Mig Welding With 100% Argon: Tips And Tricks

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Mig welding is a popular welding method used by welders all over the world. It is a process where a metal wire is used as an electrode to join two metal pieces together. Argon is a common shielding gas used in Mig welding to protect the weld from contamination. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using 100% Argon gas in Mig welding.

Benefits of Using 100% Argon Gas in Mig Welding

1. Better Weld Quality

Using 100% Argon gas in Mig welding produces a higher quality weld. This is because Argon gas provides better shielding, preventing contaminants from entering the weld pool. As a result, the weld is stronger and more durable.

2. Reduced Spatter

Spatter is a common problem in Mig welding, where small droplets of molten metal splash out during the welding process. Using 100% Argon gas helps reduce spatter, resulting in a cleaner weld with less post-weld cleanup required.

3. Increased Welding Speed

Using 100% Argon gas in Mig welding allows for faster welding speeds. This is because Argon gas has a higher thermal conductivity than other shielding gases, which means it can dissipate heat faster. As a result, welders can work faster without compromising on weld quality.

Tips for Mig Welding with 100% Argon Gas

1. Adjust Your Settings

When using 100% Argon gas in Mig welding, it is important to adjust your settings accordingly. This includes adjusting your wire speed, voltage, and amperage to ensure a proper weld.

2. Use the Right Wire

Choosing the right wire is crucial when Mig welding with 100% Argon gas. It is recommended to use a wire with a low carbon content, such as ER70S-6, for best results.

3. Maintain Proper Gas Flow

Maintaining proper gas flow is essential when Mig welding with 100% Argon gas. It is recommended to use a flowmeter to ensure a consistent gas flow during the welding process.


Mig welding with 100% Argon gas is a great option for welders who want to produce high-quality and clean welds. With the right settings, wire, and gas flow, welders can achieve great results with this welding method. Remember to always follow proper safety procedures when welding and wear appropriate protective gear.